Saturday, September 30, 2006

Feb. 1971 Truth and Soul Ad

Click on image to enlarge.

I'm really captivated by the ads right now. You don't see interesting ads like these anymore.


katlady said...

The owner of Truth & Soul clothing was, if my memory is correct, in the witness protection program, who somehow got into more trouble. Does anyone remember? I googled, but cannot find the story.

Tony said...

I remember hearing radio ads for this when I was a kid in the early 70's.

Apparently Sylvain Sylvain of The New York Dolls was involved in this company?

ronfrankl said...

I learned recently that Sylvain and a cousin started the company, then sold it and used the money for an extended trip to Europe. Interestingly,Sylvain has another cousin, fashion designer Issac Mizrahi (Mizrahi is also Sylvain's birth name).